Wood flooring is unique in its understated luxury and natural appeal. Being organic, as well as very durable and easy to maintain, it creates healthy home environment and serves a number of generations.

We offer two wood flooring ranges – BROLIS BASIC and BROLIS VISION.

BROLIS BASIC includes traditional hardwood planks. Solid or engineered, oak or ash, they are produced in Lithuania and may vary in their dimensions and type of finish. BROLIS BASIC offers ordinary, yet high quality products for the best price on the market.

BROLIS planks are made to inspire, therefore, even those traditional ones might surprise you with their little homely creatures snugging or blossoming in some secret corner of the room.

BROLIS VISION is more than ordinary. These floors offer intelligent and exclusive luxury with a twist. Some floorboards remind of sailing ship decks and include naturally water-resistant wood species; others prompt to create our own patterns – old-style herringbones or futuristic geometricals; while the third follow curved growth of a tree, and the fourth create a calming vibe with their weathered, hand-touched surfaces.

We keep on searching, creating and developing our wooden floor to inspire.